Looking Forward to the Company Awards Gala

Community is an important concept for Focus Organisation. This is a network that prioritises positive change and recognises contractors for all they do to create impact. In fact, it’ll be fun to acknowledge them at an upcoming Awards Gala.

This Awards Gala event will be structured like a meeting, where we’ll express our praise for the best performers in the industry. Kieran, Michael, Emily, and Nieema will give coaching presentations. Rockefeller Habits coaching will be touched on as well.

We’ll also discuss some of the factors that fuel the contractors’ professional success:

• Networking: It’s far more effective to pursue goals with plenty of support than to attempt it alone. The people in the Focus Organisation community attend all sorts of events in order to make strategic contacts. They connect with peers and exchange important insights, creating a culture of shared knowledge.

• Experience: Hands-on learning goes a long way. The more real-world practise people receive, the further and faster they grow. Challenges range from public speaking to problem solving, ensuring that individuals build diverse skill sets.

• Ownership Mind-Set: People feel most driven when they have clear goals and know how their efforts make a difference. They are empowered to take charge of their processes and produce impressive results.

The Awards Gala is sure to be a hit. Go to the Focus Organisation Newswire to read more about upcoming events.